August 02, 2021  

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Everyday the sun rises on a new day and many youth wake up and choose the wrong side of life on which to walk. Their day is consumed with activities that turn out to be unproductive to themselves, their community and each other. Drugs are finding their way into the hands of younger kids while the older youth are often times choosing a life of crime as a quick fix.

Simply stated, we are in place to do something about that and show today's youth that there is a better way and that EVERYONE can succeed in life by doing what's right and treating everyone with respect. Through our Personal 'You-Turn' Program and Be A Giant Campaign, the Youth of Honor team is making a difference and hope that you will join us in making a difference that will last a life time.

Boy Scout Merit Badge Day Appreciation Letter - On behalf of Boy Scout Troup 1134 and the 350 Scouts, parents and leaders from 3 States, 85 units, 36 Districts and 13 Councils, we wanted to Thank You for your tremendous service to the youth in this area... Read more
''Be A Giant' Campaign - Learn how you can 'Be A Giant' at home, in the classroom, with your friends and more... Read more
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Martin Luther King Jr. commemorative 'Prophet of Hope' print supports YOH Be A Giant program... click to learn more
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Our Mission
To assist troubled and 'at-risk' youth around the world in achieving greatness in life through education and life skills enrichment training.
Our Impact
Reduce recidivism - Inspire hope - Be a catalyst for personal growth

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"Bouncing back... Living life the right way" - Audio Book

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