June 25, 2019  



Donations & Sponsorships
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Educating our youth to make the 'Personal U-Turn' is not a journey taken by a single pair of footprints.  We hope that you join us in our efforts to help the youth we serve regain control of their life in a positive manner and re-enter society with the skills and vision needed to be successful. 

We are committed to making a difference in our next generation of leaders but we need your help.  Funding and support is required to go into the juvenile detention centers around the globe and bring a new ray of hope.  Your funds will assist us in educating youth on the values of integrity, honesty, hardwork and education.  We will strive to supply them with the supplies needed to go back to school and achieve dreams beyond their imaginations.  Our guest speakers will touch them with real-life examples of personal victory and success.

We hope that you partner with us and enable the positive growth of society's children.  The journey will not be easy but we can not afford to not succeed.

Tax deductible, charitable contributions can be made to the Youth of Honor Foundation by visiting our Donor Level page.


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